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wander often wonder always mug

Wander Often Wonder Always® Mug


Wander mug from the Wander Often Wonder Always™ exclusive collection by Hello Small World featuring inspirational and travel filled products based on the original expression “Wander Often Wonder Always” by Jon Traves.

Sip your coffee or tea from this inspirational mug.

  • Measures approximately 3.75” h x 3” diameter
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Designed in USA

Wander Often Wonder Always©/trademarked Jon Traves/Hello Small World. All Rights Reserved.

All words & designs ©Hello Small World. All Rights Reserved.

Wander Often Wonder Always™ is an exclusive saying created by Hello Small World. Please do not use as your own — permission to use must be given in writing by Jon Traves/Hello Small World.